In 2026, Norwegian fjords will be banned from polluting ships

The Norwegian government has announced a plan to ban the crossing of polluting ships in its fjords.

Norway buys a lot of electric cars and dreams of flying in electric aircraft . Soon, it will only circulate electric boats in its fjords. Very concerned about the environment, the government, under the impetus of associations, announced a plan to prohibit the crossing of its fjords with polluting marine vehicles. Public authorities give themselves until 2026 to turn ambition into reality. Marius Holm, head of the NGO ZERO, applauded the decision, citing a "   welcome development   "  in statements relayed by Electrek on May 4, 2018. 


Geiranger is a small village of a few hundred inhabitants located in western Norway, at the foot of the Geirangerfjord fjord. Behind the apparent haven of peace is actually a very popular tourist site, attracting between 800,000 and 1 million travelers each year according to official figures . This generates a lot of traffic and pollution. Pollution that Norway now intends to evacuate to protect this World Heritage site by UNESCO and preserve it as it should for future generations.

"  For the first time in the world there is a need to navigate without emission in the fjords and their surroundings. Norway has long been a world leader in clean ferries in terms of policy decisions in this area. Today, the country is taking another step towards green shipping, and there will be global repercussions. At the national level, this implies a welcome evolution regarding the emission-free technologies of tourist boats, a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a stop to local air pollution  , "stresses Marius Holm.

Havila Holding, one of the operators in the fjords, rejoiced at this new regulation. He even plans to sail clean boats from 2021.  This should boost the sales of ferries like the Ampere .

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