Huawei, precursor? The competition could align 3 photo sensors on smartphones by 2019

The Huawei P20 is envious with its triple sensor giving birth to sumptuous shots. Could Apple go for 2019?

With its triple photo sensor, combined with powerful software, the Huawei P20 Prodid not take long to attract the favor of the specialized press. Today, he proudly sits at the top of the DxOMark standings with a comfortable score of 109 points, ahead of the P20, his little brother (102), and the Samsung Galaxy S9 + (99). In sum, the hardware choice of the Chinese manufacturer has paid off and should draw a trend for future high-end smartphones of the competition. Because, for once, an evolution is a true evolution, not a simple marketing argument to brandish on a technical sheet to put in full view.

Triple Sensor iPhone by Martin Hajek for iDropNews


In other words, everyone should end up with the combination of three sensors to promise photos always more beautiful and accurate. This is certainly what the Taiwanese analyst firm Yuanta Securities says through the Taipei Times in an article published on May 7 mentioning in particular the excellent figures of the company Largan Precision, which provides camera modules (which which implies an increase in orders for these components).

Analyst Jeff Pu believes that Huawei has given the lead for the adoption of the triple sensor and will accelerate it by marketing a Mate 20 less high-end but still equipped with the device that is dreaming. This would then push Apple to launch an iPhone capable of competing during the second half of 2019. Not for this year, therefore . 

Considering that the other manufacturers will also follow suit, the demand for the camera modules should increase proportionally. And it is Largan Precision who already rubs their hands. Now, the future will tell how long the P20 Pro will remain at the top of the bill. At least he can boast of having launched a new race for technology. A real.

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