A Tesla patent explains the technique behind its beautiful solar roofs

Tesla wants to sell melted solar panels in a roof. A significant aesthetic benefit for those who want a beautiful home.

Everyone dreams of having a solar panel installed on their roof. But nobody wants to uproot his home by installing such a device. Manufacturers are trying to hide the technology as they can and in this regard, Tesla may have found a solution, explained in a recently unveiled patent . Quite simply, the product designed by the American firm and announced for a little while acts in trompe-l'oeil: from the ground, the sight makes believe that it is about normal tiles whereas, in fact, they really capture the energy of the sun.


To simplify things a little, Tesla has developed a glass with louvers that become opaque when viewed from a closed angle, while remaining transparent from a bird's eye view to bring in sunlight. To achieve this, engineers combine several layers of materials and two types of tiles – solar and non-solar – that absorb or reflect the rays according to the angle. The illusion is perfect and the photovoltaic cells, developed by Panasonic and so unsightly when installed on an apparent panel, are invisible.

From above, the photovoltaic cells appear. They are invisible from the ground.

"  The Solar Roof adds a touch to the architecture of your home, while transforming sunlight into electricity,  " says the official website description . Tesla's technology also relies on a specific assembly and efficient installation of tiles. According to his figures, 98% of the efficiency of photovoltaic cells is preserved with its design. You can even choose the design: textured, smooth, tuscan or slate depending on the style of your home. Tesla promises tougher tiles than traditional ones, which is why he can afford to guarantee them for life. Reservations start at 930 euros.

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